Top 5 Tips for Technical Writing: Our CEO on The Customer Wins Podcast

By The Good Words Team

January 24, 2024 

Did you catch Good Words CEO Caity Cronkhite on The Customer Wins podcast? If you missed it, we’ve distilled her conversation with Quik! CEO and Co-Founder, and podcast host, Richard Walker, into five key takeaways. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on more industry discussions and trends. 

1. Strategic Documentation Matters | Timestamp: 15:09 

Caity cites real-world examples where companies saved millions by investing in comprehensive product documentation. Beyond serving as a resource, well-crafted documentation becomes a strategic asset, contributing to operational efficiency and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

2. Evolution of Documentation Tools | Timestamp: 26:27  

Anticipating the future, Caity foresees AI being incorporated into authoring tools, streamlining processes like writing outlines and tagging content. This is expected to enhance overall writing efficiency.

3. Balancing Technical Details | Timestamp: 21:34 

The challenge of balancing technical specifications in documentation is brought to the surface. During the episode Richard and Caity highlight the importance of translating complex technical information into customer-friendly content. The end user should always be considered when writing.

4. Dynamic and Living Documentation | Timestamp: 13:31

The episode focuses on the importance of viewing documentation as a dynamic and living entity. Documentation shouldn’t be a one-time effort. Caity mentions that effective documentation is a continuous process of incorporating user questions, product updates and improving usability over time.

5. The Technical Writing Discipline | Timestamp: 7:25

Unlike engineers or customer success teams, technical writers bring a specific skill set, understanding communication and information design best practices. They understand and have experience in the product development lifecycle. They are often embedded on engineering teams. 

Tune into the full episode as they delve into the role of strategic documentation on business growth and customer success.