Good Words CEO Authors a Chapter on AI in Technical Writing

By The Good Words Team

February 29, 2024 

In the 2024 edition of The Technical Writing Process from Boffin Education, readers find a comprehensive and insightful guide to the technical writing profession. Authored by technical writers, lecturers, and industry leaders, the book is organized around the key steps of the Technical Writing Process: Plan, Design, Write, Edit, Review, Translate, Publish, and Manage. Among the contributors is Good Words’ Founder and CEO, Caity Cronkhite, who lends her expertise to Chapter 8, focusing on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Technical Writers.”

This chapter delves into the profound implications of AI, specifically large language models like ChatGPT, for technical writers–from enhancing research productivity to aiding in routine writing tasks. On the flipside, Caity also explores the importance of understanding AI’s limitations and thoughtfully integrating it into writing processes.

Here’s a glimpse into what Caity’s chapter covers:

  • Introduction to AI in Technical Writing: Demystifying fundamental AI concepts and terminology.


  • Theory: Understanding Large Language Models (LLMs): Exploring how LLMs like ChatGPT parse and generate human-like text.


  • Dos and Don’ts for Using AI at Work: Practical guidelines for leveraging AI responsibly in professional settings.


  • Opinion: Addressing the Job Market Concerns: Debunking myths surrounding AI’s potential to replace technical writers.


  • Practice: Using ChatGPT for Technical Writing: Real-world examples showcasing AI’s application in content planning, writing, and editing.

To further explore the insights shared in Caity’s chapter and gain valuable industry perspectives on AI in technical writing, we invite you to join us for an exclusive webinar: “From How to Why: Insights on the Tech Writing Process from Industry Experts” on Wednesday, March 6. During this webinar, a few of the authors, including Good Words CEO, will discuss their contributions and delve deeper into the technical writing process. Secure your spot and register