Three Reasons to Hire a Technical Writing Consultant

By The Good Words Team
May 6, 2022

Exceptional technical documentation — it’s a nice-to-have, right? An added bonus. It’s an afterthought added to your engineers’ or developers’ task list, something for them to throw together once they’ve finalized the product development stages.

For many organizations, that’s exactly the approach they take to their technical documentation.

And it’s an approach that’s seriously letting your company and your customers down.

Providing your customers and your employees with clear, comprehensive, organized documentation carries a whole host of advantages that span the entirety of the business — and these benefits increase exponentially when you hire a specialist technical writing consultant to create your technical documents.

The 3 Core Advantages of Hiring a Technical Writing Consultant

  1. More Efficient Development Processes

Technical writers are strong user advocates who bring customers’ perspectives to the table as products are being designed, developed, and implemented. 

The end result: a better end product, of course. But also, fewer wrong turns, fewer wasted resources, and an all-around happier work environment for everyone involved in product development and beyond.

  1. More Effective Sales, Marketing, and Aftercare Processes

When your sales and marketing teams are provided with easy-to-understand, detailed technical documents, the benefits can be incredible.

With the right information, your staff are more equipped to match customers to the right products, highlight the benefits of what you sell, and identify up-selling or cross-selling opportunities. They’ll have more confidence in the work they do which will impact your bottom line AND organizational morale.

Your customer service department will benefit too. When they have the right information at hand, they can help customers troubleshoot with ease, which reduces friction, strengthens customer relationships, and makes an often stressful job far more rewarding.

Documentation also provides a resource so customers can find answers to questions without ever contacting customer support, which can save your company plenty of money.

Again, it offers a huge boost to both efficiency and morale.

  1. Happier Customers Who Champion Your Brand

It’s a no-brainer: customers are far more likely to recommend your products to their friends, family, and colleagues when:

  1. The sales process was a pleasant experience.
  2. They’ve been able to benefit from the full value of their purchase.
  3. They’ve been confident that post-purchase support is available and useful — and equally confident that they don’t need to rely on tech support every time they have a question!

Great technical documentation helps them check each one of those boxes. Cue less customer frustration, an overall better experience for customers, and an increase in repeat business and brand loyalty.

These Advantages Shouldn’t Be Underestimated.

When taken together they add up to greater efficiency, a healthier bottom line, and happy, loyal staff across every department of your organization while also ensuring your organization benefits from an ever-growing community of satisfied customers who will champion your brand at every opportunity.

And the even greater news?  

Every one of these benefits is amplified when your documents are created by an independent technical writing consultant. 

A skilled technical writer doesn’t just bring their vast technical expertise to the table: They have the skills, training, and ability to make the most complex subjects accessible to a wider audience, while approaching your project with impartiality and the valuable perspective of an outsider.

At Good Words, this is exactly what we offer: technical communications experts who can boost your brand and business by communicating complex, specialized information in a way that resonates with your audience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.